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Heidelberg Mask Writer


The Nanolab offers photo-mask shop services to both academy and industry customers. The masks we provide are suitable for direct-contact photolithography using a Mask Aligner such as the Karl Suss MA6. The photomasks are exposed with a Heidelberg DW66 laser writer and developed, etch, and packaged in our own facility.

Mask Shop Staff
Mask Status
Mask Shop

Mask Turn-Around Time

  • Queue dependant.
  • Approximately 3 business days per individual mask after the file is accepted.
  • Add at least two business day for masks that are to be shipped.

Mask Cost

  • Determined by the X-Y extent of the pattern. I.e. The X and Y dimensions of a rectangle that completely covers all the features of the pattern of the mask.
  • Separate academic and industry rates.

Critical Dimension Specifications

  • 3 micron with a 0.2 micron tolerance.
  • The CD can be pushed down to 2 micron, but results depend strongly on the layout and are not guaranteed.

Available Plates

  • 4", 5", and 6" Chrome Soda/Lime Masks.
  • We do not supply iron-oxide masks.

Mask File Acceptable Formats

  • CIF, GDSII, and DXF formats are preferred.

Ordering Masks from UCLA Nanolab

  • Complete an NRF Mask Fabrication Submission Form for each mask layer.
  • Mask filenames may not contain spaces or any other special characters. Underscore bar and dashes are OK.
  • Email the submission form(s) and the mask file(s) to the mask shop. You can also drop off the submission form and the mask file at the Nanolab office.

Mask Pick Up and Inspection

  • The mask can be picked up from the mask pick up table located to the left as you enter the mask writer room. Outside customers will get their mask shipped by the carrier of their choice at an extra charge. Provide account number for carrier, if available.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to inspect the mask for errors immediately after receiving it. If there is any error on our side, we will remake the mask at no extra charge. This policy is void if the mask has already been used on the aligner or more than five days have passed after mask pickup.