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Jeol JSM 6610 – Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

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A field emission SEM with a semi-in-lens and equipped with a Gentle Beam to deliver high-resolution. Of course, a variety of options can be installed, including element analysis.

The JSM-7500F features an optical system that includes a semi-in-lens type objective lens, which can collimate the electron beam even at low accelerating voltages. Like a true general-purpose SEM system, JSM-7500F can provide high-resolution imaging of large specimens

A Gentle Beam (GB mode) with better resolution than the normal mode is available. In GB The combination with the JSM-7500F optical system, which delivers high-resolution, makes it possible to obtain high resolution top-surface images of samples that have been difficult to observe until now, with only a few hundred eV of energy applied to the specimen.

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