E-Beam Lithography

Raith EBPG5000 ES, Electron Beam Lithography System

The UCLA NanoLab offers E-beam lithography services to both academic and industry users. The Raith EBPG5000+ES Electron Beam Lithography system is a high performance nanolithography system with automation and throughput. It provides 100kV high resolution patterning over 6” substrate.

Key Features:

  • 10-nm on-axis resolution.
  • 30-nm (mean + 3 sigma) overlay & stitching accuracy.
  • Automated focus and alignment.
  • 20-keV to 100-keV voltage.
  • 50-Mhz pattern generator.
  • Beamer pattern fracture software.


E-beam lithography Information

General E-beam Policy and Guidelines

Currently only Nanolab staff can operate the E-beam Lithography tool. Please reference the information below regarding use of the E-beam writer.

How to requets a writing
  • Prepare a pattern file.
  • Fill out the job submission form.
  • Email pattern file with your completed job submission form to schedule a writing time.
  • Coat your sample with resist (NanoLab staff can assist resist coating upon request).
Pattern Format

GDSII is recommended, however DXF and CIF are acceptable alternatives. If you have a different format than these, please contact E-beam staff to verify compatibility.

Sample Size

The electron beam system can accommodate small pieces and wafers up to 6″ in diameter.

Cost and rates
Machine time and staff time are charged services. Staff time includes pattern fracture and machine setup. Machine/staff time rates are different for industry and academic customers. For details, please contact NanoLab staff.
Turnaround time
Turnaround time is dependant on work-flow, however most projects are completed in 3 business days.
Please inspect your sample right away post development. If you have any questions, please contact staff.
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