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Jeol JSM 6610 – Scanning Electron Microscope

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The JEOL JSM-6610 SEM is an analytical Scanning Electron Microscope capable of achieving 3nm point-to-point resolution at an accelerating voltage of 30kV. It is equipped with a tungsten filament, and a large imaging chamber for observation of specimens ranging from small pieces up to 200mm in diameter.

With Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS) software, the system is capable of Electron Beam Lithography.

Key Specifications:

  • Model: JEOL JSM-6610 SEM
  • Large sample size: up to 200mm diameter and 80mm height
  • Resolution: 3.0 nm(30 kV)、15 nm(1 kV)
  • Magnification: × 5 to × 300,000
  • Accelerating voltage: 1 kV to 30 kV
  • Filament: Tungsten hairpin
  • Equipped with Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS) for Electron Beam Lithography
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