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JEOL JSM-7500F – Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

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The JEOL JSM-7500F SEM is an ultrahigh resolution field emission scanning electron microscope featuring enhanced performance, ease of operation, and energy efficiency. It provides in-lens performance and can handle samples up to 150mm in diameter.

The JSM-7500F SEM, with its extreme imaging capabilities, is a superior instrument for use in the fields of nanotechnology, materials science and biology.


  • Source: Cold cathode UHV field emission gun
  • Resolution: 1.0nm at 15kV, 1.4nm at 1kV
  • Accelerate voltage: 0.1kV to 30kV
  • GB mode – provides extreme images at very low accelerating voltage
  • Retractable in-lens BEI detector
  • 5 axis motor stage control with specimen movement protection
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