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Jelight 42 UV Cleaner

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The advantages of UVO-Cleaner® cleaning is it is a damage free alternative. Jelight Company’s UVO-Cleaner® is completely manufactured from polished stainless steel, and is equipped with a digital timer to control UV exposure time. The UVO-Cleaner® also features an automatic shut-off switch to prevent accidental exposure to UV. Jelight’s UVO-Cleaner® has a high-intensity low pressure mercury vapor UV grid lamp for optimum generation of atomic oxygen, ozone, and short-wave UV radiation for effective cleaning. To maximize the cleaning rate, parts to be cleaned are placed on an adjustable tray. The unit is also equipped with inlet ports for oxygen or other gas media, and an exhaust port for hookup to the exhaust system.


  • High Intensity Grid Lamp.
  • Stainless Steel Housing.
  • Digital Timer for Simple, Repeatable results.
  • Automatically Cleans and Improves Coating Adhesion.
  • Exhaust Port with Optional Ozone Killer and Blower.
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