Equipment Category – Lithography

Karl Stuss MA6 Top and Bottom Side Aligners

The Karl Suss MA6 is a top and bottom side mask aligner used for fine lithography down to 1 micron and better. The MA6 is ideal for use with i-line (365 nm) and g-line (436 nm) resists. It is capable of processing both 4” wafers, 6” wafers, and chips/pieces. After reading this manual, the user should be able to describe a typical ksaligner process for both top and backside alignment, explain the theory of operation, and state all hazards associated with the system. After successfully completing the qualification procedures for this tool (see section 3), the user should be able to perform a full photolithography process for both TSA and BSA using this system.



  • UV broadband (250nm-450nm), I-line (365nm) and G-line (436nm) wavelength available. Contact super-use for installing I-line or G-line filters.
  • Exposure methods: flood, proximity, soft and hard contacts, low vacuum and vacuum contacts.
  • Mask size: 2.5”x 2.5”, 4”x 4”, 5”x 5” and 8”x 8”.
  • Wafer size for Top-Side Alignment: up to 6” in diameter (small samples, 2”,3”,4” and 6”).
  • Wafer size for Bottom-Side Alignment: 3” and 4”chucksore.
  • Maximum wafer thickness: 3mm.
  • The machine is exclusively intended for use as an alignment and/or exposure device for substrates used in Semiconductor and Microsystems Technology.
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