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Karl Suss SB8 Wafer Bonder

The Karl Suss SB6 bonder is capable of silicon fusion, anodic, and eutectic bonding. There are two separate heads; one for anodic bonding, and another for fusion bonding. Wafer bonding of pieces to 6” wafers can be done at pressures from 5e-5 to 3e3 mBar and from 50°C to 550°C. This tool mates with the Karl-Suss MA-6 aligner to allow for aligned bonding. Forces up to 20 kN for a 150 mm wafer size are available. The system supports thermal compression as well as anodic bonding (up to 2000 V). The system is computer controlled with a windows environment allowing for multiple recipe steps and saving of recipes and data. The system is configured for manual loading of wafers..


  • Wafer bonding from 50°C to 550°C, +/- 5 degrees accuracy, +/- 3% uniformity.
  • Upper and lower heating of samples.
  • 5e-5 to 3e3 Torr environment bonding pressure, with Nitrogen.
  • Sample size: pieces to 6” wafers, aligned bonding by using MA/BA-6 aligner.
  • Anodic bonding to 2000 V.
  • Windows-based computer control.


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