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Savannah Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

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The Savannah ALD systems manufactured by Cambridge NanoTech Inc. have unique features not found in other ALD systems. The reactor volume is low, allowing fast cycle times and very little precursor consumption. This in turn permits the use of a smaller vacuum pump and small precursor cylinders, mounted underneath the reactor. The footprint of this ALD system is consequently the smallest on the market (typically only 20”320”). Despite its small size, substrates up to 200 mm can be deposited (Savannah 200 Model) with thickness uniformity and repeatability. With special lids, the height of the reactor can be modified to allow thick substrates and larger parts. Using a modular heated manifold, up to 6 precursors can be mounted, including solid, liquid, and gas precursors. All precursor heating is standard. Special 3-way ALD valves are employed that can be heated up to 200C, allowing a wide range of liquid and solid precursors to be used. The unique stop valve exposure mode allows deposition into narrow and deep pores, with aspect ratios larger than 1:1000 readily achieved.
The Savannah models have been outfitted in glovebox environments, allowing deposition onto air-sensitive substrates such as organic flat panel displays. In addition to the standard Savannah models, Cambridge NanoTech Inc. manufactures custom ALD systems for any substrate size. The Savannah models run in industrial and academic environments, both for specific R&D and general cleanroom use.
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