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STS Multiplex PECVD Deposition System

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The sts-CVD is a PECVD tool which deposits thin films such as oxide, nitride, Si carbide, a-Si and P-doped a-Si films. This tool is designated for RED processing and can be used both for the FEOL and BEOL. No photoresist is allowed in this tool. An etch-back recipe should be run after processing (this is not automatically done), to clean the chamber. This is especially important when relatively thick films are deposited (e.g. 1 um). This tool has capability to work from pieces to 6″ wafers. Batch mode can deposit on two wafers sequentially.


  • best for thin/thick dielectric films
  • Single or dual-wafer batch mode, no casette operation
  • No photo-resist is on the wafers/pieces, because it would burn in the heated chamber
  • Machine Charges:  7/wafer + 1/um


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