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CHA Mark 40 E-Beam Evaporator

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The innovative CHA Mark 40 Evaporators signify a breakthrough in vacuum deposition systems. The Mark 40 machines can accomodate a large variety of deposition equipment including versatile combinations of deposition sources and substrates fixturing to address virtually any application.



  • SECS/GEM and CE compliant.
  • 1,000 L/Sec. pumping speed for water vapor and other condensable gases in the process chamber.
  • Dual Operation, Sputtering and Evaporation.
  • Exceptional Film Uniformity (Fixture Dependent).
  • Processes round cathodes, electron beams, substrate heating, plasma texturing & etching and ion texturing & etching.
  • Process chamber is easy-to-access from both the front and rear doors. The source-to-substrate distance is variable.
  • Pumping options: Cryo, Turbo and Diffusion.
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