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Denton Discovery Sputterer

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The Discovery Magnetron Sputtering system offers versatility and reliability while meeting high-volume production needs. The system can either accomodate a single cathode high uniformity configuration for high-volume manufacturing, or up to 4 confocal cathodes with triaxis adjustment of offset, target to substrate distance, and angle for uniform coating. Each cathode can be optimized for a different deposition method or target material.

The Discovery system is standardized with a fully automatic mode with one-push button automation to reduce system downtime. It is integrated with a customizable cluster configuration to meet specific process demands for high-volume manufacturing. Semi-manual mode and other front-end options are also available for less demanding throughput needs.

All Discovery systems ship with ProcessPro-HV for high-volume needs; this software uses a fully automated material scheduler to load the module with maximum efficiency. The user interface is SEMI 395 compliant with secure, multi-level access controls and visual system configuration and status indication. ProcessPro HV also features comprehensive data logging and custom charting within the tool.

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