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Heidelberg DWL 66 Laser Mask Writer

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The DWL 66 is the ultimate lithography research tool for Research & Development applicaions. It’s unique features allow for the creation and analysis of microstructures. It serves as a highly versatile, high-resolution pattern generator fo low-volume mask making as well as direct writing. This system includes both highly advanced standard options and specialty options such as backside allignment and optical autofocus. DWL 66 is commonly applied in optical sciences, materials science, micro-engineering and micro-electronics. 


  • Supports creation of complex 3D structures in thick photoresist in the greyscale exposure mode
  • Greyscale Lithography capabilities helpful for creation of complex topographies 
  • Minimum structure size: 300 nm
  • Light sources from a Diode laser with 405nm or 375nm
  • Vector mode to enable writing of stiching-free lines


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