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Hitachi S4600 SEM

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The Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM is a cold field emission high resolution scanning electron microscope. This SEM permits ultra high resolution imaging of thin films and semi-conductor materials on exceptionally clean specimens. It is also suitable for polymeric materials. The S-4700 is configured to detect secondary and backscattered electrons as well as characteristic X-rays. The system is fully automated and is operated via easy-to-use menu driven software.

  • Secondary imaging can be carried out at short working distances with an overhead detector or at longer distances with a side-mounted detector, and these SE detector signals can be isolated or mixed.
  • Backscatter imaging can be accomplished at accelerating voltages as low as 1 kV at high resolution with the Hitachi-proprietary ExB detector.
  • The menu based Windows software and greater automation will lead to greater ease of use for most individuals.
  • Energy dispersive analysis is provided via an ultra thin window detector.
  • Analysis of elements from boron through uranium is possible with this detection system.
  • It is interfaced with a Gresham Titan Analog HV Power Supply / Pulse Processor and 4Pi Spectral Engine Hardware with DTSA and Revolution Software.
  • Software is available in these packages for X-ray mapping, qualitative, standardless and rigorous standards-based quantitative analysis.
  • The S-4700 FE-SEM system is interfaced to the campus network so all user data can be downloaded to user storage systems from the laboratory.
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