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Leica DM2500 Microscope

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The CNSI Site has two Leica DM2500 microscopes allowing for differential interference contrast and bright and dark field microscopy.

The DM2500 ergonomic microscope from Leica Biosystems offers you a powerful 100 W halogen illumination or comparably extra bright, state of the art and long-lasting LED illumination.

The DM2500 is a true system microscope that can be equipped with accessories for all clinical applications and ergonomic needs. Be it histopathology, hematology, microbiology or cytology, whenever a powerful transmitted light illumination is needed, with this microscope you will make the right choice.


  • Halogen 100W or extra bright LED transmitted light illumination (with illumination power of 100W halogen – comparable LED).
  • All contrasting methods (BF, FL, PH, POL and DIC).
  • Height-adjustable focus knobs enhance operator comfort independent from individual hand sizes.
  • Fast changeover from right-to-left-handed operation .
  • Tubes with ergonomic viewing angle 15° or adjustable angle for optimal head posture and a straight back .
  • True symmetrical operation for optimal posture.
  • Broad range of ergonomic equipment: ergolift, ergotubes, ergomodules to adapt to any user.
  • High intensity fluorescence with zero-pixel shift technology.
  • Beige ultra-hard ceramic stage insert for durability and contrast.
Additional Information
  • Location: Room A135 - Metrology
  • Yuwei Fan
  • 310.983.3257
  • Brian Matthews
  • 310.206.5528
  • Trainings Required: 1
  • To get trained sign up for Training-Core training session