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LogiTech Chemical Delayering & Planarization System

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The CDP automatic allows the operator to achieve industry standards of control and layer removal for traditional CMOS technology, CMP applications, such as STI and Damascene (acceptable Within Wafer Non-Uniformity (WIWNU) and Within Die Non-Uniformity (WIDNU) are achievable). The CDPautomatic can also be used for non-traditional planarisation applications, such as hard substrate polishing, Epi-ready surface preparation or wafer reclamation, and will produce accurate and repeatable results to within required measurement parameters.

Laser quality surfaces (0/0 scratch dig), improvements to surface topography and Ra to subnanometer levels on substrates are all achievable using the CDP automatic.

This level of diversity makes the CDP ideal for the testing of new CMP slurries, pads and templates for off line analysis and for off line trials of new CMP processes without the need to stop production runs.

Key Features

  • Minimal subsurface damage
  • Wide range of wafer sizes can be polished, up to 200mm (8″)
  • Robust, corrosion resistant construction
  • Fine etch polishing of semiconductor wafers and electro-optic crystals
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