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Matrix 105 Asher

The Matrix System One Model 105 Asher is a single chamber, automatic microprocessor-controlled photoresist stripper, setup for 4″ – 6″ wafers.


  • Model 105
  • Configured for up to 6″ wafers
  • Single wafer, single cassette
  • Independent control of pressure, RF power, temperature, gas flow, & substrate position
  • 600W RF water cooled generator
  • Multi-step program (three steps + over etch) process program
  • “Butterfly” Valve for more precise pressure control.
  • Phase magnitude detector to provide real-time RF impedance matching control. 
  • Two Mass Flow Controllers
  • Vacuum Hose Assembly
  • Range for Strip: 150C to 250C +/-5C
  • Range for Descum: 70C to 150C +/-5C
  • Wafer Lift Pin Assembly (up and down)



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