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Nitrogen-Powered Muffle Furnace

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Nitrogen argon inert protective gas atmosphere heat treatment muffle furnace mainly used  for university,  research institutions laboratory materials heating treatment. 

Especially for some special materials, it needs inert gas to protect it from changing due to air at high temperature. In other words, keep it pure to make sure test is perfect.

Application of nitrogen argon inert atmosphere muffle furnace 

1) laboratory heat treatment with some atmosphere gas (N2,Ar,H2,O2)

2) Ceramics sintering and metal melting.

3) Preheating,Quenching,annealing,temperaing, and normalizing.


 Features of nitrogen argon inert atmosphere muffle furnace 

1) Double stainless steel shell with fans cooling system.

2) Independent over temperature safety system, independent sensors for control and safety using type N duplex thermocouple.

3) Fast heating rate,30℃/min.

4) 30 steps programmable and PID auto control

5) Available to gas inlet, and well sealing methods.


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