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SCI Filmtek 2000 Spectrophotometer

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The FilmTek™ 2000 metrology system is designed for rapid, reliable, and accurate characterization of nearly any unpatterned thin film. FilmTek™ 2000 is a fully-integrated package, combining a DUV-NIR fiber-optic spectrophotometer, automated stage, and advanced material modeling software to make even the most rigorous of measurement tasks reliable and intuitive. Some applications of the SCI FilmTek include biomedical engineering, solar cells and semiconductors.


  • Fully user-customizable wafer mapping capabilities
  • Rapidly generates 2D and 3D maps of any measured parameter
  • Example Films: Polysilicon, Thin metals, Polyimide and ITO
  • Example Substrates: Silicon, Aluminum, Copper and Glass
  • Capable of Determining the following:
    • Energy band gap
    • Surface roughness
    • Indices of refraction 
    • Crystallinity/Amorphization 



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