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Sopra GES5E Ellipsometer

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The Sopra GES5E Ellipsometer is a fully automated measurement tool which measures the optical properties of thin film semiconductor materials, specifically the complex refractive index or dielectric function. This machine interfaces with the WinSE software program to perform advanced measurements. 


  • Mapping functionality
  • Capable of measuring more complex structures such as multi-layers, interface roughness or inhomogeneous layers
  • Varied incidence angle (typically, measurements are made from 60-85 degrees)

About the WinSE Software Program

  • Data collected can be analyzed in the Winsei II Software Program
  • Capable of determining bond gap, refractive index, extinction coefficient and thickness.
  • Regression model characterizes layer with either a dispersion or n&k model.
    • Includes following laws: Cauchy, Sellmeier, Forouhi and Tauc Lorentz
  • Capable of creating models for various materials, including but not limited to Al, Ge, glasses, nitrides, oxides, semiconductors III-V & II-VI, and silicon.



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