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Tousimis 915B Critical Point Dryer

The Tousimis 915B Critical Point Dryer is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, anti-stiction release tool. Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) is used as the cooling element for surpassing the critical meniscus liquid-vapor states. The chamber of the Supercritical Automegasamdri®915B has a 6.50” internal diameter (ID) chamber, accepting up to 6” diameter wafers for anti-stiction release processing. Therefore, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 6” wafers as well as pieces may be dried using the appropriate sample size fixture. The Supercritical Automegasamdri®-915B is equipped with four space-saver Teflon removable spacers and five corresponding wafer/die cartridges which will accommodate up to five wafers each, per process.


  • Clean room static free compatible design
  • Microprocessor controller allows for complete automatic processing
  • All internal surfaces are inert to CO2 and ultrapure alcohols
  • Repeatable operating parameters insuring reproducibility of results
  • LED’s instantly indicate process mode at a glance
  • Integrated temperature controls
  • Processes up to 5 x 6″ diameter wafers per run; comes with additiona HF compatible wafers or 5 x 10 mm square die
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