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Deposition Oxidation – Tystar Tytan 3600 – Tube 1

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The Tystar Tytan Mini Furnace Systems are designed for diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD applications. The systems require considerably less floor space and electrical power than conventional furnaces of equal capacity. The Mini series have been well accepted as dependable process tools both in the semiconductor industry and in the R&D community. They offer superior performance and process uniformities. The design incorporates several of the most advanced concepts required for high performance wafer processing tools.


  • Configured with 1 tube for wet/dry oxidation process.
  • Processing up to 6’’/150 mm wafers.
  • 50 slot wafer carriers for 4’’/00mm wafers and 1 pickup tool.
  • Load Station with vertical, down draft Laminar Flow Module and Class 100 HEPA Filter.
  • Automatic, Speed Controlled Non-Contact Cassette Loader.
  • FCS-10/30 Touch Screen Panel Computer Control System.
  • Vented Gas/Source Cabinet including 2 gas manifolds for N2 & O2 including a D.I. water bubbler with N2 purge.
  • DCS 30 host computer control and data collection system.
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