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Ulvac NLD-570 Oxide Etcher

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The NLD -570 system provides low pressure operation with a high density plasma source to ensure optimal etch rates for closely bound materials.

This ULVAC system features a tunable neutral network source for uniform etching, low electron temperatures for enhanced profile control, and improved surface flatness. The system offers flexible process chemistry and accurate temperature control with an electrostatic chuck and helium back-side cooling.


  • Low process pressure, high density plasma, low electron temperature are perfect for quartz glass, Pyrex, LN, LT etc.
  • High Density Plasma for increased etch rates
  • Flexible process chemistry
  • Compact system for etching high-quality glass features
  • Good profile control and surface roughness
  • Good performance of deep SiO2 etching with PR
  • High etching rate of Quartz > 1μm/min, Pyrex > 0.8 μm/min
  • Excellent uniformity control
  • Cassette chamber is selectable as an option
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