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Veeco Dektak 150 Surface Profiler

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The Dektak® 150 Surface Profiler is the culmination of four decades of stylus profiler technology innovations. The system boasts the industry’s best performance, best repeatability, and largest standard scanning range, while offering a variety of configurations and add-on options for superior repeatability, programmability, lowforce characterization, and detailed analysis.

Allowed sample size is maximum 6 inch diameter and 1 centimeter thick. The tool can measure steps less than 100A as well as measure surface roughness. Step-Height repeatability is 0.6nm (6A).


  • Large standard Z range of 1 millimeter enables larger step measurements.
  • Optional D150+ low-noise electronics provides industry-best 4-angstrom repeatability.
  • Optional X-Y automated stage delivers programmability of over 200 locations.
  • Optional chucks to accommodate diverse sample requirements, eg., square solar cells .
  • Cast aluminum frame and rigid support elements drastically improve repeatability and lower noise floor .
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