Regardless of prior experience, all users must be trained on the equipment they wish to use. 

Step 1: Sign Up


  • Place your name on the equipment waiting list in Labrunr.

Step 2: Confirm Enrollment

  • Periodically, training sessions will be offered on equipment with full waiting lists. The first six names on the list will be able to accept an email invitation on the Labrunr home page.
  • If all slots are not filled, the training session will be advertised on the nanoall mailing-list and you may request a slot by emailing the training coordinator.
  • Check the Labrunr equipment page to determine how many training sessions are required for the particular equipment.
  • You may bypass waiting for training sessions if someone in your group is a super user for the machine you wish to be trained on. If other users from outside of your group will be trained during the privately held training session, the training coordinator must first be contacted by the super user.

Step 3: Attend Training

  • Print and bring a copy of the equipment specification.
  • If more than one training session is required (e.g. a qualification session), coordinate with the trainer when the next session will be held.

Step 4: Use The Equipment

  • After completion of all necessary training you will be given permission on Labrunr to reserve the equipment within one-to-two days.
  • Failure to follow all protocols covered during the training will result in the revocation of your Nanolab privileges.