New User Procedure

CNSI ISNC Cleanroom

Step 1: CNSI Account Signup

Step 2: ISNC Forms

  • There are 3 forms that need to be completely filled out and brought to the Orientation Meeting.
  • New User Application – Requires user & PI’s signature. Also billing information – recharge#, FAU#, PO# or Credit Card.
  • CNSI Technology Centers User Agreement – Requires user & PI’s signature.
  • Bring all these forms to the Orientation Meeting. There is no signup for the meeting. Schedule can be found on the ISNC lab management website (Labrunr) –

Step 3: Orientation Meeting

  • The Orientation Meeting is typically scheduled for 1st or 2nd Friday of the month from 10am to 12pm.
  • Please see ISNC Calendar for exact date.
  • Please bring completed and signed New User Application, Project Form and CNSI Technology Centers User Agreement.

Step 4: On-Line Safety Test

  • On-line ISNC Safety Test must be taken by all New Users.
  • Test Completion Deadline is typically 5 days after the Orientation Meeting.
  • More details about this test at Orientation.

Step 5: Safety Walkthrough

  • The Safety Walkthrough is typically 1 week after Orientation Meeting.
  • It is normally scheduled in the morning, 10am to 12pm.
  • Only those passing the Safety Test are allowed to attend the Walkthrough.

Step 6: Core Training

  • Core Training is typically scheduled immediately after the Safety Walkthrough. It is scheduled for 12pm to 2pm the same day as the Safety Walkthrough.
  • Core Training is mandatory for all ISNC Users and includes training on HF/BOE, Wet Benches, Nanospec and Microscopes.

Step 7: UCLA EHS Safety Training

  • All Lab Researchers at UCLA (academic and industry) must have valid UCLA EHS Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) certification. The certification expires after 1 year.
  • For first time trainees and for recertification, the trainings are offered On-Line. Please see and follow instructions for registration using Worksafe. EHS will send an email verifying that you have passed the course.
  • For ISNC membership, forward the EHS email (indicating LSFC certification) to ISNC Staff.
  • Cleanroom Lab access will be denied until this requirement is met.